MOH has issued a travel advisory against all travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, except for travel permitted under special arrangements. For all policies purchased or renewed on or after 16 October 2020, travel cover will be available even where the insured's travel is contrary to the above advisory, subject to all policy terms, conditions and exclusions. Our policies will continue to exclude all claims of any kind directly or indirectly arising from, relating to or in any way connected with COVID-19 (or any mutation or variation thereof or any related strain) and/or its outbreak. Please refer to our FAQs to learn more.



Customers (including foreigners) aged at least 15 years old, up to and including 55 years old, who are Singapore residents.

Singapore resident means a Singapore Citizen, Singapore permanent resident, or foreigner holding a valid work permit, employment pass, dependant's pass, long-term social visit pass or student pass on the commencement of any journey.

Yes, the parent or guardian can buy this policy for child below 18 years old. However, if the child is above 18 years old, he/she must apply for the insurance under his/her own name.

You will need to verify with your foreign educational institution or relevant authority to determine if this policy meets their requirement as insurance requirements vary for different institutions and countries.

Yes, you are covered for any leisure trip that you undertake outside the country of study, from your overseas residence (except for Cuba and Singapore). The leisure trip shall qualify as a journey under the policy as per your selected region.

For avoidance of doubt, your policy will not provide any cover if a travel advisory against non-essential travel has been issued by the relevant ministry(ies) of your overseas residence, in relation to the country of your destination.

Yes, trips back to Singapore are covered and will cease three hours after your return to Singapore or at the time you arrived at your place of residence in Singapore, whichever is earlier and so long the trips are within the period of insurance. Cover will resume when you leave Singapore for your country of study.

Yes, these leisure activities are covered. However, hazardous activities, such as off-piste skiing, private white water rafting, mountaineering, trekking above 3,000 meters and scuba diving deeper than 30 meters are excluded.

In the event of a claim arising directly from an act of terrorism, this policy is extended to cover you while you are on a journey up to the maximum sum insured specified in the benefit schedule for the said sections.

We will not (under any sections) pay for claims arising directly or indirectly from any nuclear, chemical or biological terrorism.

For a 12-month policy, we will send the renewal notification to you 45 days prior to the policy expiry date and renew your policy for another 1 year upon receiving your confirmation to renew and payment of premium.

For policy less than 12 months, there will not be any refund of the premium once the certificate of insurance is issued.

For a 12-month policy, you may cancel this policy at any time by giving notice to Chubb, provided no claim has arisen during the period of insurance. In the event of such cancellation, Chubb will apply a short rate refund.

Please refer to the policy wording for details of refund.

Yes, exclusions include:

  • Any loss or expenses which arises due to you not taking all reasonable efforts or your carelessness, negligence or recklessness in safeguarding your property or avoiding any injury or minimising any claim under the policy.
  • Any government prohibition, regulation or intervention.

Please refer to the policy wording for full details of exclusions.

You will receive your policy via email upon successful application online.

You may contact Chubb’s customer service hotline at +65 6398 8797, (Mondays to Fridays, 9.00am to 5.00pm, excluding public holidays) or via email at

If you are overseas and require any emergency assistance, you can call the 24-hr Chubb Assistance team at +65 6322 2132.

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